Wednesday, April 16, 2008

20 Most Annoying Things

1.) Slow modems/ dial-up Internet

2.) Waiting in the doctor's office for what seems like hours (I guess that's why we're called "patients!")

3.) Pop-up advertisements on web pages.

4.) Infomercials (Just when you think they're over, the announcer says ("But wait, there's more!")

5.) Telemarketers, especially the ones who keep calling even after you've asked them to remove you from their calling list.

6.) Rude/inconsiderate/insensitive people.

7.) Having an itch on your back that wont go away or is just out of your reach.

8.) Bugs, spiders, and other ugly, slimy, multi-legged creatures.

9.) When someone is walking in front of you and they suddenly stop, or when someone is walking too closely behind you and they step on your heels.

10.) People that join in your conversations when you weren't talking to them.

11.) When someone is talking to you and they either have bad breath, they spit when they talk, or they talk so loud they're practically making you go deaf.

12.) Elderly drivers who look at the scenery and drive 30 km/h in front of you.

13.) People who pass you in a hurry and then slow down once they get in front of you.

14.) Being short, or as I like to call it, "vertically challenged," and not being able to reach things or see over people.

15.) People who lie or are two-faced.

16.) People who don't know when to stop talking, or interrupt you when you're talking.

17.) People who stare.

18.) People who pry or poke their nose into your private matters just because they feel that they have the right to know, or are "just curious."

19.) People who wont admit that they're wrong, especially after they've been proved wrong and still insist that they're right.

20.) How my dog always seems to have to go outside as soon as we sit down to dinner.


Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

LOL! I LOVE the image accompanying this! Is that you??

Boy, it's been longer than I thought but life does have a way of getting ahead of you eh?!

I hope things are well for you dear.

Craig Wilson said...

How about also dropping your circular polarising filter for the second time in 6 months and having to spend another R450 :)

Hows thing going Lyn?